Honda Brio- The Hatchback with a Heart

The Honda Brio is a dream car in the hatchback segment in India. Soon after its launch in September, 2011 it was deemed to be the best-selling small car in India. It has taken Honda Cars by surprise, as at the time of the promotion no one had thought this car would become such a rage instantaneously after its introduction. It revolutionised and immediately pumped profits for Honda cars in India breaking all record sales in history. Another popular hatchback from the same brand name, the Honda Jazz offers the Brio tough competition but, Brio has won the Indian roads and hearts hands down. The demand for this car has seen no decline of late and is not expected to see any fall in the near future. It is definitely an‘I am made for you’ car!


Car Maintenance Schedule

When it comes to car maintenance, it almost seems that there are two distinct camps of motorists. There are people who just run the car into the ground without ever making an effort to take care of the vehicle. This lifestyle is largely supported by the manufacturer car warranties that become more and more lenient towards badly maintained cars.

At the other end of the scale there are the sworn DIYers who like nothing more than spending their time underneath the car, changing the oil or adjusting another bolt.

The latter will assert that the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule doesn’t provide the car with proper maintenance, and in many cases they will be wrong. The modern cars are built to have as little maintenance as possible. What’s more, many of these cars are so sophisticated that you wouldn’t be able to change the engine oil yourself even if you wished to do so.

However, there are situations when the hard-core car mechanics are right. The recommended schedule has to be adjusted if the ideal usage parameters aren’t met. The recommended upkeep works are calculated for ideal conditions when cars are driven infrequently over longer distances on flat surfaces and mild climate. What happens if you drive up and down a hill, both in cold winter and hot summer and for short distances like work commute or shopping runs? In other words, if you’re a real person living a real life? Well, your car may suffer unless you adjust the repair intervals accordingly. It is especially important if your car warranty has already expired.

Tuning up

Modern cars doesn’t require a lot of tuning. You don’t have to adjust the timing and fuel feed unless you’re driving a 1970s car. The little amount of tuning that is necessary is done by the mechanic during your 40K or 60K maintenance procedure.


The simplest and one of the most important parts of car maintenance. Most importantly, dodgy old wipers will impact the traffic safety. If you’ve abused the wipers and the rubber decides to go, it will leave ugly marks on your windscreen. Neither warranty nor insurance will cover this type of windscreen damage. A study by shows that many drivers damage the glass because of their own carelessness.

Timing belt

The maker’s manual usually says you should change the timing belt every 60,000 miles or thereabouts. Then we become centred on this figure and forget that if we travel low miles and it takes us 10 years to reach 60K miles, the old timing belt will already be a liability, even though it hasn’t covered its allowance. The truth is that a 4-year old timing belt needs replacing regardless of how many miles you’ve covered. It’s called material deterioration and it has to be accounted for.


The coolant is changed around the 40 – 60K mark in modern cars. Older cars may require a coolant change once every 12 – 15K miles. In a similar fashion to the timing belt, you rather need to keep the track of the time. It’s a bad idea to run coolant for more than 3 – 4 years because it gets old and less efficient.

Fluid change

With the oil change, the general recommendation is to change the engine oil every 7.5K miles or once a year whichever comes first. That’s again, the ideal world. In reality, if you suspect you’re running your car on less ideal conditions, change the oil more frequently. An old diesel, especially a turbo diesel will need an oil change more frequently, whereas an ultra-modern car will have a recommended interval of up to 15,000 miles.

Diagnosing Why Your Rear Defroster Doesn’t Work

The rear defroster on a car is responsible for making sure that the rear view window is always clear. The defroster should heat up and cause ice, frost and fog to disappear, thereby giving you a good view of the road and other cars behind you.


How to Replace Your Keyless Remote Battery

Your keyless remote battery could wear out after a while. It might keep your remote from being able to open and lock your car’s doors or trunk from a distance after a while. You will have to do a few things in order to get the keyless remote battery in your device handled. This procedure should work for all keyless remotes for cars.

10 Easy Steps to Replace a Headlight Bulb

We greet you a warm welcome, visitor. This site will literally help you learn basic repairs, advanced repairs, car checks and other things that virtually involve about cars. In this site we discuss all about car care, car repairing and more.  To put it simply, this is your instant Car Repair Guide.


How to Repair Car Paint

There is little as irking for a car lover as damaged paint. Whether it is created by a supermarket trolley, scrape with another car or otherwise, damage to paint work is unsightly and really can take away from a cars beauty. Here are some tricks from those involved in car leasing or buying on returning paint to a high standard.

Replacing the Serpentine Belt

bad_serpentine_beltOnce you've noticed that the belt is worn out, that we already described in a previous tutorial, change it right away.In this step by step tutorial we will explain how to change serpentine belt. Here is the procedure for changing the serpentine belt. The first thing to do, of course, is to locate the belt. The belt system on almost every engine is in a opposite 90 degree position to the engine. To put it simple: when you pop the hood, this is the only visible belt system.

Changing the Fuel Filter

fuel_filter_with_in_and_out_fuel_line The fuel filter replacement depends on the mileage you've made and the quality of the fuel you use is a part of regular maintenance on the car and every driver should know how to change the fuel filter on the car. So, let's learn how to do that and let's change the fuel filter.

Changing the Spark Plugs

spark_plug_for_replacementA change that's done more rarely, but is really useful to learn how to do it by yourself. In this tutorial you will learn how to change the spark plugs. Every car manufacturer has the specified time-line when the spark-plugs should be changed.This a maintenance task that you can do fairly easy by yourself.

How to Change Oil

How_to_change_oilYou are probably here because you wanna know how to do an oil change on a car. In this simple lesson you will learn to how to do an oil change in your car through step by step procedure. Oil changing is the basic and most important service that is done on the car. The proper function of an engine depends on it. If you decide to do the oil change by yourself make sure you prepare the proper tools before starting.