Hyundai tucson 2006 no heat

Question - Why does the "chunking" continue to happen despite numerous flushes, replacement of heating core, and new coolant..  Most recently the bottom block was replaced as well as a bunch of other things.  This was done by a Hyundai dealer so I would assume they are using the right coolant? Thanks you again.

Answer -  The cabin heating (if I've correctly understood what's making the problem) depends on the quality flow of the coolant inside the coolant system. If the system that cools down the engine has poor flow the radiator that heats the cabin will also fail to do it's job properly. Besides the things that have been done I can only give you the next advice:

  • check the the engine thermostat-if it's malfunctioned, it causes poor flow of coolant (this is usually followed by irregular engine temperature)
  • check the valve that regulates the flow of coolant into the radiator core (the valve is connected to the dashboard switch from where you regulate the cabin heating). They are known to fail due to coolant residue build-up.
  • immediately solve the chinking of anti-freeze problem (if it hasn't been done yet). This can cause engine overheating, water-pump breakdown etc. In my own experience, this happens only in cases where low-budget coolant is used or concentrated coolant that has too much water in the mixture. In both cases chinking is caused due to the lack of high or low temperature resistance.
  • at end, check just in case, for any leaks on the system.Since you've been repairing your car at a licensed dealership, I can assume that they've gone through all of these checks. Hope this helps and if not, feel free to write again and we'll try some other solution.

Have a nice drive,
CRG team.