Assessment of Damage - Before Auto Body Repair

(Making the decision of whether to work or not) Making the decision of doing body repair on your own is the first and perhaps the most important step. There are basically two types of repairs:

  1. repairs where the metal parts of the body are physically damaged
  2. repairs against corrosion.

 If your car has been seriously damaged , our advice is not to do anything on your own. Most of these repairs include serious welding and taking apart major systems on the car. This is especially non-recommendable if the geometry of the car has been altered. Also, special tools and equipment is needed for this kind of job.

If the damage is minor (scratches, small indents etc.) here's what you should do :

  • take a good look at the damaged part. The most probable places that you can make the repair are on the most flattest surfaces (door or side panels for example). This is because the flatter the surface the less complicated work you'll have to do. Also, the end result will be better. Our recommendation is to start within these kinds of repairs.
  • for these minor repairs you'll need tools and materials (hammers of different kinds, sandpaper, body fill etc.). Make a list of the probable things you'll need for the job
  • before starting any repair, take the phone or make a stroll to the local body repair service. Ask them to make their judgment on the case and ask in advance how much would it cost for them to do the repair. Also go to the local shop that sells body repair material and make a price list of how much would the material or any additional tools cost. Mathematics is the best judge, so if the self repair is at even cost or more than professional help, the decision is clear. Unless you're a real enthusiast.
  • You will have to know which car paint colors you will need so make sure to find out with your dealers.

 Again, the purpose is to make a quality repair that will last. This goes double for body repair where, besides the quality, esthetics play a major role.