Transmission (fluid) oil low

Transmission Fluid Low Problems

This is one of the more rare problem you'll have during the car exploitation. The transmission oil, unlike the engine oil is not subdued to that much heat and harsh conditions. This is why the transmission oil is changed much rarely than the engine oil. In most cases, it's just added.

Transmission Fluid Low Symptoms

Some of the symptoms that happen when you have the transmission fluid low problem are :

  1. Noises start coming out of the gearbox. First it's a humming noise and if the oil level is critical it starts to make a grinding sound.
  2. The gears shift more hardly. With a manual gearbox, you can feel it with the stiffer and more hard changes. The automatic transmission starts shifting less smoothly and with a jolt.
  3.  You'll see a leakage on the gearbox.

When the transmission oil low problem happens, the gear box won't "die" instantly. You'll probably have some time from the
start of the problem to solve it. Once you've noticed this is happening take the next measures:

  1. Check the oil level. With automatic transmission, take the oil stick out and look at the gage. It should be between transmission oil low and transmission oil high. In manual transmission it's a bit more complicated as you'll have to check it from a car canal. There’s a screw on the gear box which you can take out. If there is oil coming out, the level is ok.
  2. Look under the car for leaks. If you spot one, put the car on a canal or lift. Look thoroughly around the gearbox for bad gaskets or perhaps loosened screws. If there are no leaks that you can see, go to a mechanic and check the sealant ring between the engine and the gearbox.
  3. Check the underside of the gear box for cracks. This is not likely to happen unless you've had close contact with a rock, nasty pot-hole etc. If this is causing the transmission oil low problem, find a mechanic immediately. Perhaps the crack can be welded, if not replacement of the gearbox is eminent.
  4. Check that all the exits on the gear box (where the axles come out, drive-shaft) don't have any loose space that there's no oil moisture on them. If there is, it's time to change the sealants.

In most cases, if you do regular maintenance, you'll never hear of these problems. Most services warn you on time to make the needed replacements so that you don't have a transmission oil low problem. If the repair is quality-done, you'll probably forget that you even have a gearbox.

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